Custom Packaging and Shrink Wrappings: An Important Role In Selling Your Product

When manufacturers first consider a product, they often discount the issue of packaging. They seem to think such decisions can wait until the product is ready for production. In many cases this may be true. However, some thought must go into packaging very early in the design process; because if a product requires custom packaging or shrink wrappings this could play a vital role in the budgeting and marketing of that product.

Let us face it, as consumers we love custom packaging. Something unique and individual that helps pull us into the world of that product. And there is something strangely wonderful about shrink wrappings. It conveys that valuable message: This product was made for you and no one else. And ripping that shrink wrapping makes us truly take ownership of the product.
However, as much as we as consumers may like these things, we as business people understand that custom packaging and even shrink wrappings bring with them unique costs that must be evaluated. Custom packaging may require the use of industrial designers, it may require extra rounds of testing; and shrinking wrappings involve an extra layer of costs which may not be required on all products.

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How to Hold Effective Staff Meetings

Many people believe that they conduct effective meetings, when all they really do is host a party filled with official sounding chit chat. Or worse, they deliver a monologue that bores everyone. In either case, their meetings produce little.

Here’s how to hold a short, effective staff meeting.

1) In general. Keep them short. Most staff meetings should last less than an hour. You want your staff to spend their time working on things that earn money for your business, not sitting in meetings. Keep them positive. Negative meetings contain insults, ridicule, and attacks. These activities create caution and resentment, which always costs your company money. Keep them interactive. Your staff consists of intelligent people. Put them to work in your meetings to advance the effectiveness of your organization.

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